Can You Lose Weight With Under Desk Elliptical

The majority of us are over-weight in today’s world because most of us work in a full day white-collar desk job. We have to work the whole day long while sitting on our desks, whether at the office or home office.

We all are indulged in work so much that we even tend to forget extending legs for stretching purposes. 

We all tend to skip the daily exercise with such a workaholic routine in the longer run, resulting in an over-weight scenario.

Most of us get frustrated with this situation hand, in the end, decide to live like that in an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle.

But with time, advancements daily in every walk of life have tremendously impacted our daily life. Similarly, such revolutions have brought health opportunities as well.

If you imagine exactly yourself by reading my story, then you must be having trouble losing weight? If you answered “yes” to this question, there’s a straightforward solution.

Can You Lose Weight With Under Desk Elliptical
Can You Lose Weight With Under Desk Elliptical

Science has invented Under desk ellipticals machines or known as mini ellipticals, which have proven to help you lose weight by burning more calories than you consume. But how can you lose weight with under desk elliptical?

The truth is the more you exercise, the more weight you will lose. So why not a mini elliptical to help you lose weight and fulfill your body’s daily exercise requirements without leaving your workspace?

There are tons of reasons why you need to lose weight. Whether you want to look better, feel better, or want to live a healthier lifestyle, one thing or another, we all want to stay fit.

So, I found this invention quite interesting, forcing me to experience and then write a few facts about the mini elliptical.

Weight Loss With Under Desk Ellipticals

exercise equipment

How can you lose weight with under desk elliptical? You can lose weight with under desk ellipticals as you can perform 30 – 60 minutes of exercise while doing your daily tasks. Whereas, if your daily required amount of activity is done regularly, it will burn your calories and give you a margin to stay caloric deficit throughout the day. But with this in mind, you will only lose weight if you eat while being caloric deficit. Caloric Deficit is a must, along with performing routine exercise for losing extra pounds of weight.

Top Recommended Under Desk Elliptical

Calories burned by Under Desk Ellipticals

A person burns between 150 and 250 calories per hour which is a great way to keep yourself fit. If you are looking for a low-impact exercise, you can try this machine.

It’s an excellent option for all age groups. Under Desk Ellipticals provide an elliptical motion to your body, allowing you to exercise your lower body muscles. This motion enables you to consume calories way more than you consume.

How under desk elliptical causes weight loss

Most of us have a very sedentary life after college or high school because we end up at a day-long desk job. Over time, we become so used to that sedentary life that it becomes our comfort zone.

After that whole day, we don’t possess that much energy to visit the gym for our daily exercise. Hence most of us settle for this routine and decide that this is how life is. It’s OK to gain some weight as most people pass their lives happily in a bulky overweight condition. 

But it is just a wrong decision; its effects won’t show up early once you are young, but as you grow old, adverse effects of this decision show up, and your health becomes worse than ever.

The worst part is that you won’t be able to reverse that situation or revert the decision of not exercising for your whole life at that time.

Hence advancement in science and technology has invented the marvelous wonder of under desk bike or ellipticals. One can.

Efficiently work in the office and keep an under desk elliptical, thus performing exercise and doing office work. 

In this way, one can burn 150 – 300 calories per 30 minutes of exercise performed on under desk bike or ellipticals, thus letting us stay under calories throughout the day, which in turn cause weight loss. 

So, it has been proved beneficial in weight loss but with the condition that it is done consistently and staying under caloric while keeping an accurate log of calories consumed throughout the day. 

Weight Loss Strategy with Under Desk Ellipticals

This three-pronged strategy has been proved highly beneficial while working on a weight loss plan. Once again, I must reiterate these three essential steps to effective weight loss:-

  1. Performing exercise on under desk ellipticals for 30 minutes per day consistently.
  2. Tracking accurate calories using an effective calorie counter.
  3. Staying almost 300 – 400 calories deficit of the total daily caloric requirement.

What is an elliptical? 

Elliptical machine
Elliptical machine

An elliptical is an exercise machine that helps you lose weight by providing an elliptical motion to your body. This machine is equipped with a handle that allows you to move the handle in a circular motion.

This motion helps you exercise your lower body muscles such as quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. The action also allows you to burn more calories than you consume. It’s a device operated by pedals attached to your desk chair’s footrests.

It works by providing resistance which is equivalent to walking on a treadmill

It’s also called a stationary bicycle, generally used in a gym or fitness center, and it’s used to earn some calories and lose weight. It is a good option for people who have knee problems.

You sit on a seat and attach the pedals to footrests to adjust the pedal’s height according to your comfort level.

After that, you need to push the handle down. This motion allows you to get a cardiovascular workout. Under Desk Ellipticals also helps you to spend calories and It’s a great way to stay fit as it is a very convenient and easy machine to use. Under Desk Ellipticals doesn’t require any specialized skills or training. 

It’s a great cardio workout because Under Desk Ellipticals provide the same benefits as a treadmill. It’s a low-impact exercise that won’t harm your joints. It’s a safe exercise for people with arthritis or other health issues.

There are two different kinds of Under elliptical bikes available. One is the recumbent elliptical bike, and the other is the upright elliptical bike.

Both types are equipped with a handle that allows you to move the handle in a circular motion. This motion helps you to exercise your lower body muscles.

The recumbent elliptical bike provides a reclined position to your body. You can adjust the seat height according to your comfort level. You can use this machine to burn extra calories and lose weight.

The upright elliptical bike has a fixed seat. Whereas its footrest and seat height can be adjusted according to your comfort level.

It also has an adjustable handle that allows you to change the position of the handle according to your comfort level. 

what is an under desk elliptical machines?

desk bikes

It is an elliptical exercise machine designed to be placed under your desk. Under desk ellipticals are designed to fit under a desk and can be used while sitting at your desk, so you don’t have to stand up or step off the floor to exercise.

Under Desk Ellipticals are best for people doing jobs or those who cannot move around much during their workday. It is also beneficial for those who have back problems and cannot exercise without discomfort. 

Under Desk Ellipticals are a great way to get a healthy cardio workout while walking at a higher speed than traditional treadmills. These machines require no assembly, so they perfectly fit apartment dwellers.

In short, it is the best way to get a healthy cardio workout while also being able to walk at a higher speed than traditional treadmills.

Types of Under desk Ellipticals

There are various types of under desk ellipticals available in the market. I must reiterate that losing weight is not mainly dependent on the elliptical you are using; however, it depends on whether you are performing the exercise.

Are you keeping your daily diet caloric deficit or not? You cannot imagine losing weight ever without these two main factors. So, coming over to the types of ellipticals, the following are the major variants of under desk bike or under desk ellipticals available:-

Standard Under Desk Elliptical Machine

compact elliptical

This variant is the typical or traditional version with two pedals mounted to move your legs in elliptical motion to burn calories.

You can quickly find many of these standard desk bike or under desk bike or ellipticals in the market. This type can perform all the desired functions of ellipticals, and no limitations are observed in this version. 

Under Desk Elliptical Bike

desk bikes
desk bikes

This type resembles a bike with pedals assembly. It consists of pedals with straps that can simulate an elliptical rotation of legs similar to an exercise bike.

It also comes with its resistance level which can increase or decrease the number of calories being burned while performing the exercise. It works exactly like other standard ellipticals. 

Under Desk Ellipticals with Monitors

elliptical machine

This type is equipped with a Monitor Display Unit, which describes the overall workout and parameters like Calories burnt, kilometers traveled, etc.

It gives a better insight to the person performing the exercise, thus enabling him to do the calorie counting, eventually resulting in a Caloric Deficit scenario.

It hardly matters which type of under desk bike or elliptical you have; its benefits can only be seen if used consistently.

Best Under desk elliptical Features

Following Key points are to be kept in mind while choosing an under desk ellipticals:-

Light Weight for Easy Movement

elliptical machine

If you will use at multiple locations, select the lightweight one because it would get difficult to move a heavy one, thus bounding you to utilize your elliptical under one desk only.

Resistance Levels

desk bikes

Make sure your under desk elliptical machines are equipped with enough resistance level so that you can burn calories in a short duration of time.

Your resistance must also possess an option of light resistance, letting you perform an exercise for a long time without wearing out your legs and joints.

Build Quality

elliptical machine

Durability is the prime Feature to look for when buying any machine or equipment. Same here, you have to look for a good build quality from a renowned brand. It ensures long-term usage and the availability of spares if any parts get broken.

Moreover, good build quality from an excellent reliable brand will ensure better weight loss as all the parameters and effectiveness of the machines are quality tested by multiple agencies. 

Avoid Cheap Low Quality Under Desk Ellipticals

Don’t look out for cheap options because price reduction compromises the quality or total life of the equipment, leaving you at a loss in the long term. Therefore, it Is advisable to avoid cheap options with lousy build quality and unknown brands.

Such equipment will give you a compromised exercise performance; thus, one loses from all domains.

Video Tutorial On How To Lose Weight With Under Desk Elliptical

You can also check out other methods to lose weight using under desk elliptical here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can you lose weight just by performing exercise on under desk elliptical?

No, you cannot lose weight just by performing exercise on under desk elliptical. It just gives you extra calories per day and enhances your metabolism for burning up calories. You need to stay within your daily caloric intake in order to lose weight.

How performing exercise on under desk elliptical is better than jogging or running on road?

Jogging, running or walking on road may cause wear and tear of your knee joints because of excessive reaction on those joints, whereas under desk elliptical gives the same amount of effect without any wear and tear effect. Moreover, it saves your time as well.

How much calories are burnt while performing exercise on under desk elliptical for 30 mins?

30 mins of performing under desk elliptical will burn 170 – 320 calories depending upon your weight and intensity.

Best Under Desk Ellipticals

Conclusion – Final Thoughts

desk elliptical machines

I must say that we need to make an effort to do something healthy in our hectic lives to keep ourselves healthy. In this aspect, science and technology are also making some efforts to keep us healthy and our bodies in movement. Also it is important to control levels of your stress in life and it could be interesting to know about technique which can help, for example how does galaxy watch-4 measure stress.

For this, it has made several different types of equipment to help us perform exercise even at work, home, or at the office as most people cannot spare time out for exercise separately.

Thus, this invention is worth the try. You can surely use it while working in the office as it can help you burn a few calories to keep you within the daily caloric requirement, hence catalyzing the weight loss process.

At affordable rates, you can find many of them at various online and physical fitness stores, but keep all the checks mentioned above while purchasing to avoid any unforeseen loss.

So, why are you waiting? Make a pledge today and select the best one upon my criteria, and start living a healthy life until it gets late or you can buy a standing desk too for keeping yourself active.

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