25 Cool Desk Accessories For Gamers

Have you ever noticed the most distinguishing corner of any Gamer’s room? Yes, guys, you are thinking right; it is the Gaming Desk or the Battle Station setup by the Gamer. But Guys, wait for a second.

Did you ever wonder why the Gaming Desk or Gaming Desk Setup is the most attractive? Gentlemen, it is just due to gamers’ desk accessories, which give a beautiful look to that corner. 

 There are many reasons why gaming setups look so cool. However, desk accessories used in gaming setups are usually the most prominent reason.

Cool Desk Accessories For Gamers

Some cool gaming desk accessories include stylish gaming mice, gaming keyboards, gaming headsets, gaming monitors, gaming chairs, etc. Some of these items enhance the gaming experience, while others are just for looks. 

Today, we will be talking about a few of the coolest gadgets you can add to your desk or gaming desk setup that will turn you into a more awesome gamer and your gaming desk into the perfect gaming station. Let’s dive in!

What are the best cool desk accessories for gamers? The accessories required by the Gamer, that are adequately sized along with a cool and stylish design. Cool desk accessories enhance the overall look of the desk and give a theme design as per the gamer’s desire.

What to Look for in any Desk Accessory

There are some great things to look for when choosing the gaming desk accessories for your gaming desk setup, and the following most important factors are to be always considered:-

1. Size of Gaming desk Accessories

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you buy the right size of desk accessories for gamers. If you believe a gaming keyboard that is too small, it will not fit on your desk.

So, you need to divide your desk into various portions. Depending upon your requirement and the overall aesthetics of the desk, you must choose the appropriately sized accessory. 

2. Productivity / Utilization of the Desk Accessory

The next thing you need to look for is productivity. It would be best to buy desk accessories that can be used for multiple purposes or must fulfill your requirement.

It can be further explained like this; for instance, take an example of a charging dock for your cell phone, so we all need to keep our cell phones within our reach while using our computers or gaming setups.

If we are out of charge, then the cell phone charging dock would do wonders and keep your cell phone within your reach while getting charged. 

3. Design and Style

The next thing to consider is the design and style of the desk accessory. It would be best if you looked for the one that has a design that fits your overall setup and that will make you feel more comfortable while using it.

It is recommended to look for an accessory with an excellent design that would not create any distraction to your work. This is the most critical factor because if you buy it and that looks bad, it will be a distraction from the desk.

Moreover, it must match the overall design of your desk. If you are going for a modern style of desk, then you need to buy desk accessories that can match the contemporary design. The desk accessories should be in accordance with the overall theme of the desk.

4. Durability / Quality

The next thing you need to consider is durability and quality. The desk accessories must be durable and sturdy. If you buy it that is not durable and sturdy, then it will be a headache to use it, and it will not last long.

It is recommended to look for cool gaming desk accessories with a good warranty to get your money back if the product fails. You can further check the durability of the desk accessories by looking at the material used in their manufacturing.

If it is made of high-quality material, you can be sure that it will not get damaged easily. 

25 Cool Desk Accessories for Gamers

Keeping all the essential aspects in view, I have recommended 25 Gaming Desk Accessories after a hands-on experience, increasing my productivity and style by 10 times. 

1. Monitor Stand

Monitor Stand

The monitor stand is a must-have for a gamer. It helps to arrange your Monitor correctly, keeping it safe and stable. Monitor Stand carries the essential part of your gaming desk setup, i.e., the Monitor or screen; hence, it is the foremost accessory you must acquire to build up your gaming setup’s overall aesthetics theme.

It will also provide some extra space on the desk for placing a few additional accessories. Hence, if you don’t have a monitor stand on your gaming desk setup, then immediately get hold of one, and you will surely see a boost in the overall look of your battle station.

2. Extra Large Mouse Pad

Extra Large Mouse Pad

Mouse Pads are a must-have for gamers as they help keep your mouse in a very safe place. Mousepads come in various designs and are available in different sizes and colors.

The best thing about mousepads is that they are highly affordable and can be placed on any surface. It should have a smooth, non-stick surface to prevent your hands from becoming fatigued.

Having a mouse pad that is of extra-large size will not only help you in achieving smooth gameplay but also make your gaming experience more pleasant. Moreover, Extra Large Mouse Pads give a fantastic look. So if you don’t have one, grab it to uplift your gaming desk setup.

3. Cell Phone Charging Station / Dock

Wireless charging dock

Guys, we often run out of battery while using our gaming setups. So instead of leaving the setup for grabbing the cell phone charger, I have got an excellent accessory for you: a Cell Phone Charging Station / Dock. It plays a significant role as it has got four main benefits:-

  1. No need to leave your gaming experience or office work to look out for plugging in your cell phone on a charger.
  2. Cell Phone stays within reach of the user while being getting charged.
  3. It lets you get rid of the hassle of wires of the cell phone charger as it is the wireless charging of your cell phone.
  4. One of the most significant benefits is that it certainly looks fantastic and relaxed on your gaming desk setup, thus enhancing the aesthetics of your setup manifolds.

4. Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer

Desk organizers are a must-have for gamers as they provide you a place to keep your cables, wires, chargers, etc., and help you arrange your gaming accessories and other desk essentials in a very organized manner.

It will help you keep all your essential gaming accessories in one place. The more organized you keep your desk, the better it will be for you, as it will help you achieve better productivity.

So if you don’t have one, get hold of one, as it will undoubtedly play a significant role in keeping your gaming desk setup organized. I use one as it has kept all of my urgent requirements in one place within my reach.

5. Cable Management Kit

Cable Management Kit

Cable management kits are a must-have for gamers as they help keep all of your cables, chargers, and wires in a very organized manner. Cable management kits allow you to manage all of your cables in a very organized manner.

We all face this issue or hassle of wires or cable management while building up our gaming setups as it all gets jumbled up and eventually gives an entirely lousy look to our setups.

Hence, everybody needs a hack or way out to get all the cables managed and hidden. Therefore, a cable management kit is essential to set the basics of a well-organized gaming desk setup.

6. Wireless Gaming Mouse

Wireless Gaming Mouse

Wireless gaming mice are one of the best gaming desk accessories to keep your gaming desk setup organized. You don’t need to plug it into your computer or any other peripheral as it is wireless.

Moreover, it is also an awesome-looking accessory as it has got a fabulous look to it. So if you don’t have one, grab one, as it will play a significant role in keeping your gaming desk setup organized.

I must reiterate that two aspects of a gaming mouse enhance the overall aesthetics of your setup, i.e., Wireless and RGB Lighting attractive looks.

7. Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Guys, along with wireless gaming mice, you would undoubtedly need a wireless gaming keyboard. Similarly, like wireless gaming mice, these gaming keyboards are wireless, which gives an elegant and organized look to your gaming desk setup.

Moreover, these keyboards also come with an RGB Lighting system under their keys which gives the whole battle station a glowing face, thus enhancing the overall aesthetics of your gaming desk setup. In brief, these wireless gaming keyboards are more than just gaming keyboards. These keyboards are also a part of your entertainment system.

8. Desk Digital Writing Pad

Desk Digital Writing Pad

Sometimes, you need to write something or take notes while watching a youtube video or taking any course online. You can keep a physical notepad and a pen for that purpose.

Still, since you are enhancing the overall look of your setup and want to keep it cool, you need to grab a Digital Writing Pad for your desk as it will give a very nice sleek look to your setup with optimum style.

It lets you keep your notes digital, thus promoting a paperless environment. Therefore, this modern invention is a must-have for gamers because sometimes you need to write moves and strategies for the game to execute correctly. 

9. USB Hub


Today, our computer components connectivity is shifting to wireless setups, but most of our accessories are connected via the Universal Serial Bus (USB) system. This multi-components connectivity causes the entangling of wires; thus, a USB hub comes into play.

It is a convenient desk accessory to get hold of to keep your gaming desk setup organized. It allows you to connect more than one USB device at a time. It has a USB 3.0 port and a USB 2.0 port, enabling you to connect multiple USB devices simultaneously.

USB Hub allows you to connect your gaming mouse, keyboard, headset, and other USB devices to your PC. Therefore, this USB hub will keep your gaming setups organized and provide an elegant look to your setup.

10. Gaming HD Webcam

Gaming HD Webcam

The game-viewing experience has completely changed with the advent of virtual reality (VR) headsets. It is almost like you are sitting on the battlefield with your teammates.

Therefore, a good quality webcam is a must-have for gamers to get a realistic experience while gaming. In today’s gaming world of multiplayer online gaming, it has become essential to have a high-end Gaming HD Webcam.

Therefore, an HD Webcam mounted on your Monitor or Screen also gives a very cool look to your overall setup.

11. Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp

The lights are one of the essential elements of your gaming setups. Therefore, a good-quality desk lamp will provide your setup with a cool and organized look.

Many desk lamps can be found in physical marketplaces or online stores, so depending upon the overall theme of your setup, you can grab one desk lamp.

USB Powered desk lamps with blue light and white light filters are also available. Hence it gives a very cool look to your setup.

12. Headphone Stand

Headphone Stand

You must have seen that today almost all the gamers are using headphones for playing games. Over time, wireless technology has let us get rid of the wires of different components, which includes headphones as well but still, we need a headphone stand to place the headphone while not using them.

Otherwise, it gives a bad look when headphones are placed unevenly without a proper designated place for a stand. You must be throwing them anywhere on your system. Hence, a good quality headset stand is a must-have for gamers as it keeps your headset in a stable position. It also gives a very cool look to your setup.

13. Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand

In today’s day and age, you will find that almost every Gamer is using a laptop. Therefore, having a laptop stand keeps your laptop in a stable position while not using it. It also helps in providing a very cool look to your setup.

It is a must-have for gamers as it can be required most of the time to utilize two screens. Therefore, the laptop must be placed in a suitable place on your setup.

It gives an elegant and clean look to the whole gaming desks when your laptop is placed on a laptop stand in a fixed location.

14. RGB Lighting Strip

RGB Lighting Strip

Decoration of the gaming setups gives immense pleasure to the gamers and boosts the overall aesthetics of the gaming room. One of the critical items that can enhance the gaming setup’s overall style is RGB Lighting Strip.

It can be utilized for the decor of the gaming desk and the decor of the internal gaming CPU for boosting the hardware that your battle station is working upon. In most of the YouTuber’s setups, you must have seen that their systems are equipped with RGB Lighting Strips.

Hence, grab one according to the overall theme if you don’t have one and set up your gaming setups. It gives a very cool look to your gaming setup.

15. Desk Cup Holder

Desk Cup Holder

I drink a lot of cold drinks while playing games, but the scariest part is that I spill on my gaming setup a lot, too, which ruins the overall look of the gaming setup.

A gaming desk can be very messy when playing games on it. It is not possible to play games without spilling anything on the desk. If you have a large desk and do not have a cup holder, it can be challenging for you to find a suitable place to keep your beverages.

It is a very common issue faced by gamers as they can’t find a convenient place to keep their beverages, and therefore they are keeping them on the desk. So grab a cool cup holder to improve this aspect and look at your gaming setups.

16. Desk Air Purifier

Desk Air Purifier

I can barely sit in an environment with unpleasant air around. Different reasons make the air dirty, dusty, and impure, including fine dust particles, kitchen smells, garbage or old food smell, etc. But we need to fix it by using an excellent accessory known as a desk air purifier.

It gives a pleasant odor to the whole gaming setup, thus making the overall environment fit for long-duration gameplays. Hence, installing such an accessory is always good to improve the overall gaming experience.

17. Dust Management Kit

Dust Management Kit

When we talk about gaming setups, dust and dirt always play a vital role. Dust and dirt are the biggest enemies of gaming setups as they can ruin the overall look of the setup.

If your gaming setup is not cleaned correctly, it will attract dust particles, and it will not look good. Dust particles can also be a reason for the bad performance of your gaming PC. Hence, your gaming setups must keep it clean.

Dust particles and debris can ruin your gaming equipment if you don’t vacuum your desk. Dust Management Kits comes with a Vacuum cleaner to regularly perform a vacuum of your desk. It keeps your gaming desk clean and keeps the dust out of your desk.

18. Gaming Speakers

Gaming Speakers

When gamers talk about speaker sets, they don’t just mean the speakers themselves. They mean the sound quality, the sound design, the bass, the highs, the mids, the lows, the wireless, the ergonomics, the portability, the reliability, the looks, the ease of setup, and a million other things.

Gaming speakers are different from other types of speakers. They can be a huge part of your gaming experience. You have to grab those speakers that sound great and fit perfectly into your gaming environment, look great, match your aesthetic preferences, and be rugged, durable, and reliable.

19. Noise Cancellation Headsets

Noise Cancellation Headsets

Noise cancellation headsets are one of the best accessories which you can add to your gaming setups. It reduces the amount of noise coming in through your headset, thus improving the sound quality of your headset.

The other aspect of a noise cancellation headset is that it can reduce the amount of ambient noise, which can be a considerable part of your gaming experience.

So, if you are playing a game in a very noisy environment, you need to grab one of these noise cancellation headsets.

The headphones come with different noise cancellation algorithms, which will help reduce the noise levels disturbing you. The headphones can help reduce the amount of noise in the surrounding environment that is bothering you.

This will help reduce the strain on your ears which are getting disturbed due to the loud noises. Hence, these headphones are the best way to improve your gaming experience.

20. Decorative Plant

Decorative Plant

Sitting the whole day in front of your gaming setups can make you crave the outside world and the natural beauties of nature. Hence we have got you covered here as well.

You can place a beautiful Decoration Plant on your Gaming Desk as it is an excellent accessory to give a stylish look. It contributes a lot to the overall aesthetics of your battle station. It is available in different styles, but I like the miniature of the cactus plant.

21. Foot Rest

Foot Rest

The footrest is one of the best gaming accessories which you can add to your gaming setups. It will give you comfort when you sit for a long duration.

Footrests are usually placed to give a good posture. It also helps keep your body in the correct position while posing for an extended period. Hence, footrests are very important for the overall comfort of your gaming setups.

I like the footrest with a mat underneath it. It makes it a lot more comfortable and makes it a lot more functional.

22. Figurines 


Some things in life are just too cool to leave alone. For example, if you play video games, some figures are made for you, called figurines. The most popular ones are video game characters. These little guys come in a variety of different sizes and shapes.

They come in all sorts of colors, and they often have accessories, like swords or guns. These figurines are available for all the essential characters of the gaming world. I have placed GTA V Figurines on my gaming setup, giving my battle station a fantastic cool look.

23. Wall Art

Wall Art

Well, the world of art has a lot of variations, and you can find a lot of wall art for your gaming setups. It is the best way to decorate your gaming setups.

The wall art can be a lot of fun, and you can decorate your gaming setups with many things like your favorite characters, characters from your favorite video game, and a lot more.

I love the Assassin’s Creed wall art. It has the perfect combination of the Assassin’s Creed character and the wall art.

24. Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair

At last, ill cover the two most important accessories which define the overall structure of your gaming setups or battle station. A gaming chair is an integral part of the entire gaming setups as it covers most of the area. Nowadays, you must have seen various cool, unique gaming chairs available. 

The gaming chair provides support to your back while playing. You can also adjust the height of your gaming chair so that it becomes comfortable for you.

The gaming chair have additional lumbar support, adjustable headrests, and arms. You can find gaming chairs with different designs and colors. 

Hence, choosing the best gaming chair is difficult, but it acts as a pillar of your gaming world.

25. Gaming Desk

Gaming Desk

The second most important pillar of your gaming setups is the Gaming Desk. As I have said, a gaming desk is a pillar that holds the whole gaming setup together. It holds the Monitor, the controller, and the keyboard. It also has all the cables which connect all the devices.

The gaming desk is the only thing visible from the outside world. It is the only thing you see when sitting in front of your gaming setups. It is a place where you play your favorite video games.

Your all fantastic favorite unique accessories are placed on the Gaming Desk. Moreover, it comes in many high-quality, durable brands with different features like Automatic Height adjustment, angle adjustment, anti-slip surface, etc.

So to set up the overall theme of your gaming corner, the theme of the Gaming Desk acts as the most critical factor.

Most In-Demand Cool Desk Accessory for Gamers

The most important and in-demand desk accessories are Gaming desks and Gaming Chairs, as they act as the two main pillars of any gaming setup or battle station. They set the overall theme and tone of your gaming room. Check out more accessories here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to Organize Desk without Drawers?

The best way to organize a desk without drawers is to identify the essential items that need to be placed on the desk. After that, mark the exact locations of each item.

Place the items accordingly. The changes need to be made to identify the right arrangement. Staying disciplined and organizing a desk without drawers would keep the desk maintained. Check out our detailed guide on how to organize desk without drawers

How to prevent dust on desk?

Keeping a daily schedule of dusting your desk and keeping your room’s environment clean is one of the best ways to prevent dust. Ensure that the room windows are closed and that the carpet is cleaned regularly. Dust on the desk can be prevented by using a lint-free cloth to perform dusting and keeping air conditioner filters clean. Check out our detailed guide on how to prevent dust on desk.

How to fit two monitors on a small desk?

A: The most recommended method is to properly arrange all the accessories on the desk, then mark the exact desired location of the monitors. Then place the two monitors utilizing the best suitable tools. In this way, you can easily fit two monitors on a small desk. Check out our detailed guide on how to fit two monitors on a small desk.

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These are the most critical cool desk accessories for gamers. I hope this guide helped you choose the right gaming desk accessories for your gaming setup.

We have covered all the most essential cool desk accessories for gamers. It’s a great way to organize your desk. So you can set up your gaming setup with a lot of fun. So, guys, it’s time to get started with your gaming setup.

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