What does ASR mean on Standing Desk? 5 Easy Steps to Reset ASR Code

Everyone knows standing desks or sit-stand desks can be commonly categorized into two main types Manual height adjustable desks and Electric standing desks.

These two types of standing desks have different designs, structures, and working mechanisms, however, end result is the same for both i.e it gives you the capability to work even while standing, thus imparting multiple health benefits.

However, if you have an electric standing desk, you must know that it communicates via a digital panel with easy-to-control buttons and a small LED display showing the desk’s height.

But suddenly, one morning, you discover that your table is stuck in a certain position, and you couldn’t adjust it. It is likely that your desk LED displays as ASR code.

What does ASR mean on Standing Desk? What are its reasons and causes? And how will you fix it?

Don’t worry as I have got you covered and by the end of this blog post, you would be an expert in resolving the ASR Error code by yourself without tangling yourself in long loops of warranty and guarantee claims.

What does ASR mean on Standing Desk?

ASR stands for “Anti-Collapse Stability Range” on a standing desk, which refers to the need to reset your desk. This error occurs when the digital panel is unable to read its position correctly, which can be caused by factors such as accidentally pulling out the power cable while adjusting the height or an electrical outage during a position change.

ASR error can be fixed by resetting your standing desk. For instant solutions, follow the following points. (Don’t miss out on the detailed steps, which are further listed below)

If you’re seeing an ASR message on your desk, don’t worry–it’s an easy fix. Just reboot or hard reset your desk following these directions:

  1. Clear away anything from under your desk.
  2. Hold the down arrow button on your control panel until the display reads RST.
  3. Release the button.
  4. Check to make sure the error is gone.

If it persists, try unplugging and then replugging your desk. Always refer to manufacturer instructions for more information about fixing ASR code on standing desks.

But there is more to learn, so scroll down and see why ASR is necessary.

Why is ASR Important?

There are several reasons why ASR is important. In today’s world, with all of the new technologies and innovations, we are constantly surrounded and impacted by various digital devices. This often involves complex processes that affect different parts and systems working together to perform required tasks. An error in one component may lead to a failure in the entire system, which can cause problems and even injuries during daily routines.

Likewise, an electric standing desk may fail to perform its function, such as failing to read the position of the desk’s digital panel correctly, which could prevent you from adjusting it.

This can occur when you are working on adjusting the height to see how it adjusts the cables and accidentally pull the power cable connections out as the desk moves up or when there is an electrical outage when adjusting the height. The following section discusses more possible reasons and how you can fix them.

As for why ASR is important, one of the main reasons is that it keeps you and your workspace devices safe in the event that something goes wrong with your desk.

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Top 6 Causes of ASR Error Code on your Standing Desk

There are several possible causes of the ASR error code, including:

1. Loose Cables

Loose Cables

In a sit-stand desk, various leg cables are connected, including the motor and control box cables. If these cables get tangled by the adjusting desk, an ASR code may occur, causing a miscommunication between the components.

One solution to this problem is to ensure your cables are securely connected. You can also use cable ties or clamps to prevent the wires from being affected by the movement of your desk. We have a detailed guide on How to Hide Computer Cord on a Desk? Do check it out.

2. Electrical Outage or Surge


When your electric standing desk is in use, it will constantly power up and down as you change its position. If an electrical outage or surge occurs during this process, it can cause the digital panel to lose track of your desk’s current position.

The best way to prevent this problem is to ensure that your desk has a stable power supply and doesn’t experience any fluctuations in power. You may also want to invest in surge protectors or UPS (uninterrupted power supply) systems, which can help minimize the chances of an electrical outage or surge affecting your desk.

3. Accidental Power Cable Pull Out

Accidental Pull out of Power Cable

When adjusting your standing desk, it is essential not to pull out or damage any leg cable. If you accidentally pull out the power cable or damage it, this may result in malfunction issues between your desk and its digital panel. So make sure to be mindful of your cords when adjusting the desk. If you want to unplug your desk make sure that your desk reaches its maximum adjustment position.

4. Control Box under the Desk Frame at Rest

Control Box

If the control box under your desk frame is at rest, this might cause ASR errors on your standing desk. 

For most desks, the control box has a duty cycle, where it stays active in raising and lowering the table and then goes into rest mode. Control boxes in rest mode will function differently than intended and may even become stuck.

The control box usually resumes normal operation after a few minutes of being in rest mode. If your model does not resume, try unplugging and reconnecting it to the control box (usually in the base of your desk). You may need to contact the manufacturer for further troubleshooting if this doesn’t work.

5. Failure of Legs / Uneven Legs / Wobbly Desk

Uneven Desk Leg

If your desk has uneven legs, this may cause problems with the digital panel and lead to ASR errors. In particular, the legs of your desk may be wobbling or moving around more than normal due to uneven surfaces, which could lead to an inaccurate reading of your desk’s position.

Also, it can occur if the desk isn’t assembled correctly or due to uneven adjustments, especially in dual-motor models.

To prevent this problem, ensure to correctly assemble your desk and adjust the height of all legs evenly. Additionally, check for any surface irregularities or unevenness affecting your desk’s stability. We have a detailed guide on How to Fix a Wobbly Desk, do check it out.

6. Overloading Desk

Overloaded desk

Overloading the desk can also cause problems, not particularly an ASR code on your standing desk. When the motor continuously raises and lowers the sit-stand desk, it can cause excessive wear and tear that may result in malfunctioning components or damage.

To avoid this issue, make sure only to use your standing desk for the intended purposes and not overload it with unnecessary items or heavy weights. Additionally, you may want to consider investing in a more durable desk that can withstand heavier loads. After all, you want to be sure that your standing desk is working as intended and not causing problems.​

Generally speaking, ASR is an important feature that can help keep you and your standing desk safe and prevent any damage or malfunction. By being mindful of the above factors and potential troubleshooting issues (which we will discuss in the below section), you can ensure that your desk remains functional and safe for you to use. More over you can organize your desk as well to prevent it from overloading. We have a detailed guide how to organize your desk, do check it out.

How to get rid of ASR code from your sit-stand desk display

Getting rid of the ASR code from your sit-stand desk display is a very easy process. It only takes a minute, all you want to do is quick reset process to your stand-up table. Let’s look at the standard reset procedure for your standing desk in the right and recommended way.

Standard Reset Procedure for Standing Desk

Here’s how to do a simple reboot on your electric standing desk:

Important Note: These are general instructions for resetting a standing workspace. Before doing this, make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Step 1: (Remove all items under your desk)

First, before you start the reboot process, make sure to remove any items from under your desk. This is simply for safety purposes and will ensure that you don’t accidentally damage your desk or items while resetting it.

Step 2: (Hold Down Arrow Button)

After removing any items under your desk, you should press the down button on your control panel to bring your desk to its full depth. Hold the down button until your stand-up desk is as low as it can go.

Step 3: (Again Press For 5 Seconds)

Press and hold the down arrow button for 5 seconds or until the “RST” is displayed on your LED display of the standing desk.

Step 4: (hold down the arrow button again until the desk lowers)

If you performed step 3 correctly, hold down the down arrow button until the desk lowers, clicks then rises a little bit.

Step 5: (Check your standing desk display is now displaying numbers)

Now release the down arrow button. Your standing desk is now reset. To confirm that the reboot procedure is gone right, ensure your standing desk display is now displaying numbers instead of the ASR error code.

For more detailed information, click here.

Quick Reset Instruction for ASR error on Uplift and MojoDesk Electric Standing Desk Models

As previously mentioned, the standard reset procedure is almost identical across all electric standing desks. Here is the proof,

If you’re using other brands such as Uplift or MojoDesk electric standing desks and you see the ASR error code, you can quickly and easily reset the desk by following the abovementioned steps.

To summarize the steps mentioned above, remove any items from under your desk, then hold down the arrow button on your control panel until the display says RST. Press and hold the arrow button for 5 seconds until the desk lowers, clicks, and then raises slightly. Finally, release the arrow button and check your display to ensure the error code is gone.

If you still see ASR on your desk display, try to repeat these steps by unplugging the desk from the outlet and then plugging it back in. Mostly 90 percent of the time, this simple step is enough to get rid of ASR from your display.

Be sure to go through the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for more details on getting rid of the ASR error code from your sit-stand desk.

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Overall, getting rid of the ASR code from your standing desk is a simple and straightforward process. By following the standard reset procedure outlined above, you can ensure that your desk remains functional and safe for use. However, if you experience any problems or have any questions, be sure to consult the manufacturer’s instructions for more detailed information. Best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is ASR code?

ASR code is an issue that has a simple fix, and that is to reboot or reset your standing desk. The error code is sometimes displayed on the LED screen of your standing desk and indicates that there may be an issue with the desk.

Why does my desk say ASR?

There could be several reasons why your desk may display ASR. The most common cause is an electrical surge or accidentally unplugging the desk while adjusting the perfect height of your desk.

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