Progressive Desk vs Uplift: Judge And Take Your Pick

There are a lot of aspects that will help you to choose the best brand from Progressive and Uplift.

So, what should you choose between Progressive Desk vs Uplift?

Based on various features and factors, Uplift emerges as the slightly preferred option over the progressive desk. Uplift’s strengths include excellent customer service, a wide range of customization options, ergonomic features, and positive user reviews. While Progressive Desk offers budget-friendly options and good customer service, Uplift’s higher quality makes it an appealing choice.

So it depends on you which one you prefer to choose from once you learn and judge the specs. To gather more information go through this article.

Progressive Desk vs Uplift: In-depth Comparison

There is a quick table for you to understand the key features of progressive desks and uplift brands.

FeaturesProgressive DeskUplift
Core Build

MDF with high-pressure laminate, bamboo, or rubberwood.MDF with high-pressure laminate.
Frame MaterialSteelSteel
Weight CapacityUp to 330 lbsUp to 355 lbs
Desktop Size48″ x 24″ to 72″ x 30″48″ x 24″ to 80″ x 30″
Lift Speed and motor option1.57″/sec and Dual- motor1.75″/sec and Dual- motor
Noise Level45 dB40 dB
Customer ServiceGoodExcellent
Additional FeaturesCable management grommets, memory presets, anti-collision technology.Cable management grommets, memory presets, anti-collision technology, Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone app
Return Policy30-days30-days
Warranty15 years on frame and desktop, 7 years on lifting column.10 years on frame and desktop, 5 years on lifting column.
PriceMore cheapMore expensive

Core Build & Frame Material

Progressive Desk provides a variety of tabletop options, including bamboo and laminated MDF with a PVC lining. In contrast, Uplift Desk provides customers with a range of desktop material choices, which include MDF with high-pressure laminate.

Progressive Desk’s frame is constructed using top-grade steel to ensure strength and long-lasting performance. Because for stone desktops the strongest steel frame would be necessary.

Compared to Progressive Desk, Uplift Desk’s frame is meticulously crafted using high-quality steel. The inclusion of aluminum feet and steel frame construction is noteworthy for individuals who prefer to use their own desktops.

Weight Capacity

The max weight capacity of the Progressive Desk is up to 330 lbs on its Electric Standing Desk. But Uplift has a max weight capacity of 355 lbs. Uplift desks are slightly more suitable for heavy-duty use compared to Progressive Desk.

It’s important to consider the weight capacity when choosing a standing desk, especially for heavy-duty tasks or equipment. However, the weight capacity may vary depending on the specific model and configuration of the desk.

Progressive Desk

Desktop Size

Progressive Desk provides a range of desktop sizes starting from 42″ x 30″ and going up to 60” x 30″. On the other hand, Uplift offers a wider range of desktop sizes. It starts from 30” x 48” and goes up to 30” x 80”. 

This wider range of measures provided by Uplift allows for greater flexibility in accommodating various workspace requirements. it is also compatible with a compact setup or a more spacious working area. 

Lift Speed & Motor Options

While both brands offer dual-motor options, Uplift also offers micro motors for greater stability and weight capacity. Both Uplift and Progressive Desk have a faster lift speed of 1.57″ per second. 

This means that these desks can adjust their height, allowing for quick transitions between sitting and standing positions. However, both options should generally provide reliable performance and convenient height adjustments.

Noise Level

Uplift performs better in providing a work environment with a noise level of 50 dB. In contrast, Progressive Desk provides an even better environment with a noise level of <50 dB. 

So, Progressive Desk’s quieter operation contributes to a more peaceful and less disruptive workspace. It allows users to focus better and avoid distractions caused by the desk’s movement. 

If a quieter working environment is a priority, Progressive Desk’s lower noise level makes it a more favorable choice.

Customer Service

Both Uplift and Progressive Desk strive to provide satisfactory customer service to ensure a positive experience for their customers.

Uplift is known for its excellent customer service, which implies that they prioritize responsiveness, professionalism, and helpfulness. 

They are doing well in addressing customer inquiries, concerns, and support needs. Uplift’s commitment to customer service contributes to building trust and positive relationships with its customers.


On the other hand, specific details about Progressive Desk’s customer service may vary. But it is stated that they provide good customer service. The exact level of service may depend on individual interactions and experiences. 

Additional Features

Both Progressive Desk and Uplift offer a range of additional features to enhance the functionality of their desks. These include cable management grommets, memory presets, and anti-collision technology, which are provided by both brands. 

However, Uplift goes a step further by offering Bluetooth connectivity and a smartphone app, providing added convenience and modern functionality. 

The Bluetooth connectivity allows users to wirelessly control their desks using compatible devices. And the smartphone app offers customization options, posture reminders, and personalized features.

These features cater to the evolving needs and preferences of users who seek a more integrated and customizable desk experience. Also, you can lay your computer on the desk side but make sure that no vents openings are covered.

Return Policy

Both Progressive Desk and Uplift provide a 30-day return policy. It enables customers to evaluate whether their desks are working fully or not.

This return policy gives customers the opportunity to test the desk in their own workspace. It also ensures that it meets their requirements and expectations. They can also exchange the product for an alternative option.

The return policy and terms include ensuring the desk is returned in its original condition and packaging. Also, be aware of any associated return shipping costs.


Both Progressive and UpLift Desk provide a warranty of 15 years on the frame and desktop. Additionally, Progressive Desk offers a 7-year warranty specifically for the lifting column. UpLift offers 10  years warranty for lighting columns, motors, and more for orders between July 2020 to April 2021.

UpLift’s warranty further demonstrates its commitment to producing high-quality desks that can withstand regular use and potential wear and tear.


The prices for Progressive Desk products with tabletops and standalone table frames are quite affordable. In contrast, a complete Uplift desk setup, including both the tabletop and frame is more expensive. 

Here, we’re comparing the pricing of two quite similar products from each brand.

Progressive Desk ProductPriceUpLift Desk ProductsPrice
Progressive Corner Ryzera little more expensiveUplift V2 L-Shaped Deskthe most expensive
Solo Ryzer Standing Deskthe cheapestUPLIFT Custom Laminate 24″ Deep Standing Deskmore expensive

These competitive price points make Progressive Desk a budget-friendly option for those seeking quality and functionality in their workspace furniture. On the other hand, Uplift desks offer additional features or higher-quality construction, which account for the higher cost.  

Progressive Desk vs Uplift: What Is Best for You?

autonomous desk vs uplift

Now It’s time to decide which one is best for you. However, Uplift tends to have a slight edge over Progressive Desk based on some features. Uplift stands out for its excellent customer service, responsiveness, and efficient support team. 

Uplift desks feature ergonomic elements like smooth height adjustment and programmable presets, promoting comfort and flexibility. Though standing desks are generally quite expensive for some reasons

So, in terms of customer reviews, UpLift is ahead of Progressive Desk. But, if the price is a matter, you should go for Progressive Desk with all you need from a desk. But, it’s up to your choice and requirements. Judge well and choose the one that agrees with you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can You Sit At An Uplift Desk?

Yes, you can sit on an Uplift desk. The UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame is designed to support individuals ranging from 5’0″ to 6’3″ in height. They are promoting comfortable and healthy postures whether seated or standing.

How Do I Contact the Progressive Desk?

Please reach out at 1-800-828-9414, If you require immediate assistance from the progressive desk. Alternatively, you can also engage in a live chat with our support team during their regular business hours. 

Are Uplift Desks Stable?

Yes, the Uplift desks are stable. Most Uplift Desks tested in 2023 scored between 0-20 on the WobbleMeter stability test. This range serves as the baseline for excellent stability.


Now you know Progressive Desk vs Uplift in detail comparison. 

It’s definitely your choice to choose any one brand according to your preferences. If you don’t want to compromise quality Uplift desks would be a great choice for you. Though it’s quite expensive than the progressive desk brand.

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