Top 10 Best Standing Desks for a Tall Person – 2024

Are you a tall, heightened person and looking for a height-adjustable standing desk? No matter how high-quality a desk and office chair you have, constantly sitting does nothing except give shoulder and back pain. En route to finding the best standing desks for a tall person, you’d think any size would work. However, getting the right size for a tall person is nerve-racking. 

Standing desks with adjustable height features are idyllic for tall persons to improve spine posture and overall health. However, choosing the best option for tall persons can be nerve-racking.

Since most standing desks for a tall person are designed the same way, doing homework before buying is necessary to ensure you get your hands on the best one.

Whether 5’8″ or 6’4″, the guide below covers the top 10 options with a detailed buying guide to improve your posture and productivity.

Will a Height Adjustable Standing Desk Work for a Tall Person?

The moderate height of an office desk is 28-30 inches tall. This height is suitable for a 5’3″-5’9″ tall. However, those taller than this range will find it challenging to cope with their work. On average, males in the USA are 5’9″ tall, while women are 5’3″ tall. That’s why manufacturers keep the standard height of a standing desk 28-30 inches.

A tall person working at a lower height will need to bend the spine to focus. Lowering the posture results in back, shoulder, and neck pain – sometimes cervical pain.

In contrast, a height-adjustable standing desk will work for a tall person since it prevents the need to lower the posture. The person can stay productive while working in a standing position. 

Having the best standing desk for a tall person helps to maintain posture and improve productivity. The desk raises the height to a comfortable position when standing.

Types of Standing Desks for a Tall Person 

Before we suggest the best standing desks for a tall person, we need to understand the various types of standing desks existing in the market today.

Similar to office chairs available in different types, based on their working mode, the standing desk also comes in a wide variety. Shifting from a sitting to a standing desk is a significant change, and one should know the types available to make the right decision.

Below are the common types of standing desks available and well-suited for being the best standing desks for a tall person:-

Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desks

This type is the most advanced of all. With an electric adjustable height standing desk, you can shift from sitting to standing with a button. The best point about this type is the time and energy, thus saving performance.

This desk features a motor that is connected to electric wiring. Using different buttons, you lower or raise the height. Some models feature a preset memory controller that lets you program your desired height and adjust it at one tap.

With an electrical standing desk, you can program two different heights (lower and higher) and tailor them to your needs. It saves energy and time from manual height adjustment. Few models have more than two pre-sets as well.

The only drawback of this type of standing desk is the cost effect, as it is built on an advanced technology, thus making it more expensive than others, but it is true that it is a wholesome solution. However, as it has a complex system of electrical height adjustment installed in, therefore, be prepared to face the unserviceability of sub-components like electric motors, buttons/panel and other small components as well.


  • Time and energy-saving
  • Height adjustment at one tap
  • Ergonomic looks


  • Expensive than others

Static Height Standing Desk

It is the most common type available and often seen in offices and households. Made of high-quality wooden material and having a fixed height, static height standing desks aren’t adjustable

Unlike other height-adjustable standing desks, static standing desks sit at a single height i.e., you can’t use this desk in seated workstations.

This desk is frequently changed between sitting-to-standing positions by adding or removing the chair. The best thing about static height standing desks is that they’re cost-effective and cheaper than others. You can check out our detailed guide on how much do computer desks cost? One can easily get it manufactured as per their own height. Another plus point is that it can’t get unserviceable as it has no height adjustable mechanism installed in it, thus making it simple.


  • Cost-effective
  • Abundantly available
  • Can be converted to a sitting desk by using a high stool


  • The height can’t be adjusted
  • Can’t get unserviceable

Manual Adjustable-Height Standing Desk

A manual adjustable-height standing desk is a step forward from the static-height standing desks. This stationary desk lets you move your workspace up and down simply by rotating the lever.

Hand-crank manual standing desk for a tall person is straightforward to operate. However, if you frequently need to lower or raise the desk, you’ll have to do a lot of manual turning, which is time and energy-consuming.

The best part is that it is cheaper way to get a height adjustable feature on your desk, however, hand-crank manual height adjustment mechanism may become unserviceable with time keeping in view the wear and tear aspect.


  • Economical height adjustment
  • Manual height adjustment
  • Works both as a Sit – Stand desk


  • One needs to vacant the top panel before adjusting the height
  • Hand-cranking is an energy-consuming process

Desk Risers and Extensions

Sometimes, tall person can’t find best standing desk for a tall person that match their height range and give them the working experience they expect. Desk riser and extension is another great way to make your existing desk taller and fit your height needs.

They are widely accessible and convenient to use. All you need to do is just place the desk riser on your desk. It features an electric motor that makes shifting from the sit-stand position.


  • Perfectly matches height needs
  • No need to change the current desk
  • Economical


  • Less weight capacity
  • Doesn’t look ergonomical

As you have briefly understood the available types of standing desks, now you must be thinking about the best standing desk for a tall person within these broad categories. No need to worry as we have got you covered, first we will brief you on the Top 10 best standing desks for a tall person and then we will give you a buying guide on what to look for when choosing the best standing desks for a tall person.

Top 10 Best Standing Desks for a Tall Person

Possibly, you’ve been working on a sitting desk so far. When you shift to a standing desk, your working experience will take a 180-degrees turn. Here are the top 10 best standing desks for a tall person to ensure you get the best you deserve.

1. Uplift V2 Standing Desk

Highly rated and trusted by users, Uplift V2 is an advanced standing desk for a tall person, featuring an innovative memory keypad, wire management, and greater height range.

This standing desk features a dual-motor system. It means the movements are motorized and happen quickly. Additionally, there is an anti-collision system that prevents the legs from folding and moving the desk further if it strikes something while in motion.

This standing desk also features a 6-axis electronic gyroscope sensor that assists in accurate and smooth height adjustment. The desk is available in 4 colors and five width sizes. The one-tap height adjustment button lets you set the max-min height at one touch.


  • Whisper-quiet transition
  • Includes under-desk wire management
  • Anti-Collision System
  • Comes with an industry-leading 15 year warranty
  • High weight-bearing capacity


  • Expensive than other options

2. VIVO Manual Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

The VIVO DESK-M55TB is a reliable manual height-adjustable standing desk ideal for users with tall heights. This desk offers seamless looks – thanks to its one-piece tabletop. The tabletop measures 55.2 x 23.6 inches, which is spacious enough to manage multiple monitors. You can check out our guide on best desk for dual monitors.

The hand crank system offers a height adjustment range of 27.6-46.2 inches with customized and comfortable viewing levels. In addition, you can remove the handle when not using it to save space.

The all-stainless steel sturdy-build frame with the supporting crossbar (the joining rod in the center) holds up to 88 pounds. The wide feet feature rubber pads for stability on bumpy surfaces.

The maintenance of this height-adjustable standing desk is inexpensive, unlike the electronic models. However, the VIVO DESK-M55TB desk lacks casters, so you can’t move the desk freely.

The best thing about this desk is that you can enjoy the height adjustment feature at a very low cost as compared to electric height adjustable desks.


  • Smooth and easy-to-use hand crank system
  • 3-years manufacturing warranty
  • Spacious tabletop
  • Cheaper option


  • Ergonomic issues: the crossbar hits the chair and knees

3. FLEXISPOT Bamboo 3-Stages Electric Standing Desk

Finding the best standing desk for a tall person has become nerve-racking since the height always seems to need more. However, the FLEXISPOT bamboo 3-stages electric standing desk has become famous thanks to its ample height adjustment.

The bamboo desktop is highly flexible, with 28000 pounds/square inch tensile strength, manufactured with lateral compression technology to preserve beauty and rigidity.

The dual motors are whisper-quiet in performance with 65% improved load capacity. The maximum sound this standing desk generates is 45 dB. Another plus point about this standing desk is the vast working space, allowing you to adjust two monitors.

The height adjustment range is 24.4-50 inches. The push buttons on the front-side corner let you raise, lower, or pause at one tap. This standing desk for tall persons comes with a five years warranty on the desk frame and two years on the electronics and control panel.

The only drawback is that it is an expensive option as compared to other options like fixed height standing desks or standing desk converters.


  • Whisper-quiet dual motors
  • Up to 220 pounds weight lifting capacity
  • Sturdy, one-piece desktop
  • Effortless assembly
  • Smooth height adjustment


  • Expensive than other options

4. Autonomous Matte Top Hybrid Electric Standing Desk

With an autonomous matte top hybrid electric standing desk, turn to a healthier working method. This fully electric standing desk is built on a sturdy steel frame with a matte finish desktop.

The silent electrical Hybrid dual motors take care of transitions and delivers a smooth, noiseless, and quick experience. With the 4-programmable height settings, you can set your sit-stand heights at one tap.

This means you can set 4-programmed height moods, whether lower or higher, and alter them to your needs. The programmable height adjuster remembers the settings, which saves time.

The German-made motor delivers a noise ratio of 45 dB on max. The lifting speed of the engine is 2.3 inches per second, which is highly satisfying.

That’s not all! This standing desk has a weight-lifting capacity of 300 pounds and an adjustable height range of 29.5-48 inches. It also features wide feet with pads that give stability even on bumpy surfaces.

Being the most advanced standing desk with electric height adjustment feature, it is an expensive option as compared to the other alternatives.


  • 2.3 inches per second lifting speed
  • Up to 300 pounds of weight-lifting capacity
  • 45 dB motor noise
  • Dual Hybrid motors with 4-programmable height settings
  • Anti-collapse and corrosion-free sturdy frame


  • Expensive option
  • 2 inches lower max height range (48″)

5. Vivo Height Adjustable Stand-up Desk Converter

If you are tight on adjustment and looking for an economical option, opt for this height-adjustable stand-up desk converter for tall persons. This stand-up desk converter is a budget and space-saving option, with a height adjustment option as a cherry on top.

Moreover, this stand-up desk convertor features innovative one-touch height-locking technology. This technology takes care of collisions and prevents the legs from folding.

This stand-up converter’s adjustable height range for tall persons is 6.5-17 inches. Another best part about this desk converter is it comes almost assembled and is ready to use out of the box. Just attach the feet and keyboard tray.

The weight-bearing capacity is 33 pounds, which is acceptable for a single monitor/laptop. The Vivo stand-up desk converter is available in two-panel sizes, 36 and 43 inches, and six striking colors.


  • An economical option
  • Dual pneumatic force for smooth transitions
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Comes with a separate keyboard tray
  • Organized cable management


  • Less weight capacity
  • Doesn’t look ergonomical

6. Stand Steady Joy Standing Desk (Fixed Height)

Stand Steady Joy standing desk is a fixed height standing desk for persons that eliminate the need to raise and lower the height repeatedly. It features a 47.25 x 8 inches tabletop that doesn’t take up much space in the room.

The sleek metal legs support the table for reliable performance and hold up to 60 pounds. The distressed white wood grain finish is simply classic and elegant. The height of this standing desk is 40 inches, suitable for taller above 5’8”.

Even beginners getting their hands for the first time on a standing desk won’t hassle around while assembling this desk. It is an effortless one-person assembly standing desk.

Cable management is also second to none. A built-in monitor stand with three spacious storage cubes gives an organized look at the desk. The stabilizing crossbars guarantee a wobble-free workday every day.


  • Sturdy ergonomic design
  • Built-in monitor stand with three spacious storage cubes
  • One-person effortless assembly
  • Sleek metal legs with stabilizing crossovers
  • Well-organized and spacious tabletop
  • Cheap Option


  • No height adjustment
  • Low weight lifting capacity
  • Thin tabletop

7. SHW Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Desk Converter

If you don’t have much space to get a new standing desk, have this sit-to-stand height-adjustable desk riser converter. The one-piece desktop is 36 inches wide with a removable riser for monitors.

This desk converter features a height-locking mechanism to prevent the legs from folding. The rotating levers on the side hold up to 30 pounds and are smooth in height adjustment. You can raise or lower the height between 4-16 inches.

The X-shaped levers design offers stabilized and space-saving operation, with fashion powder coating for lifetime use. The overall weight of the sit-to-stand height-adjustable desk riser converter is 36 pounds; get a helping hand while moving the converter.

The sit-to-stand height-adjustable desk riser converter is almost assembled: attach the monitor riser and sliding drawers. Overall, this desk converter offers everything a tall person needs to enjoy a healthy and balanced lifestyle between standing and sitting.


  • Sturdy and ergonomic design
  • Affordable price
  • Removable monitor riser
  • Comes almost assembled
  • Spacious top surface


  • No separate keyboard tray
  • Not the most comprehensive height range

8. SHW Electric L-shaped Standing Desk

The SHW Electric L-shaped Standing Desk is a versatile and functional addition to any home or office workspace. This standing desk is made from sturdy steel with a powder-coated finish, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

The desk’s electric height adjustment feature allows you to customize the desk’s height between 28-45 inches according to your preference, making it suitable for seated and standing positions. With the one-touch control panel, you can easily adjust the size with minimal effort.

The L-shape design provides ample space for multiple monitors, laptops, and other office equipment, ensuring you have enough room to work and stay organized.  

The desk’s aesthetic appeal is simple and elegant, making it suitable for any office or home décor. The standing desk is straightforward to assemble, and the package has all the necessary hardware and tools.


  • Extra right arm leverage due to L-shaped design
  • Height mostly suitable for people having back pain issues
  • Large desk space
  • Economical Option


  • Slightly difficult to assemble

9. Varidesk Electric Standing Desk

The Varidesk Electric Standing Desk is an excellent option for anyone looking to enhance their work experience. The desk’s adjustable height feature allows you to easily switch between standing and sitting positions.

With a 25.5″ to 50.5″ range, this desk suits users of all heights. Moreover, the desk’s spacious work surface is another notable benefit. Measuring 60″ x 30″, it provides ample space for multiple monitors, documents, and other work materials. It can carry about 200 pounds, making it sturdy and reliable for your equipment.

The desk’s sleek and modern design is also a benefit, as it can add a touch of sophistication to your workspace. Made with high-quality materials and featuring a sturdy steel frame, this desk is built to last and withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Overall, the Varidesk Electric Standing Desk is a worthy asset for anyone looking to improve their work experience. While it may be a bit pricey, its benefits make it a solid choice for anyone looking for a top-rated standing desk.


  • High-weight capacity and solid construction
  • Smooth adjustment features
  • Plenty of workspace
  • Easy assembly and all necessary hardware included
  • Sleek and modern design


  • Expensive Option

10. FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

In the end, we have got best seller in the category of computer workstations, yes it is FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk. This masterpiece has the electric height adjustable feature in the most affordable price.

This standing desk comes with high-quality construction, customizable features, and intuitive adjustability. This desk is built to last with a sturdy steel construction.

This best-seller standing desk also features a Multi-Function Intelligent Keypad with 3 height preset buttons to remember your favorite height ranges of 27.3″ to 45.47″. Along with this, it is also equipped with an anti-collision system, which is a built-in sensory system to detect a probable collision-causing source while lifting or lowering the desk.

This desk has an optimum maximum weight-bearing capacity of 176 pounds, which can cover all the important essentials, thus ensuring smooth lifting and lowering of the desk at any moment.

The best part of this best-selling desk is the ease of assembly as its platform comes packaged in 2 sections for assembly by the precise screws and accessories. Last but not the least, it is the most affordable standing desk to feature an electric height adjustment feature.


  • Best Seller
  • Most affordable
  • Sturdy design
  • Easy to assemble


  • Wobbly if not properly assembled

Best Standing Desks for a Tall Person – Buying Guide

Despite having the ideal product in mind, you will only succeed in making the best investment if you know how to buy that product. This section will cover the factors you should consider while purchasing the best standing desks for a tall person:-

  • Whether you are buying a static height or electric standing desk, the crucial consideration should be height. 
  • You won’t experience a comfortable working environment unless you get your hands on the correct size.
  • In an ideal case, the screen should be 20-28 inches from the face, while the elbows make a 90 degrees angle with the floor. 
  • An average standing desk with an extended height of 40-44 inches works best for up to 5’11” tall
  • The best-suited height for 5’11” or 6’10” tall persons is 48-60 inches. At this height, they can pay attention to detail without bending over. 
  • Another essential thing to remember when selecting a standing desk is height adjustability. A suitable standing desk should be easily adjusted to different heights, allowing you to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day.
  • Look for a desk with an adjustable height range that accommodates your needs. Consider features like memory presets that quickly switch between your preferred sitting and standing positions.

Weight-bearing Capacity

Whether you use a thin-bezel design monitor or a laptop, it is advisable to check the weight-bearing capacity. The monitor weighs 12-15 pounds, while large screen monitors weigh up to 20 pounds. Adding keyboard weight, it makes 14-16 pounds on average.

Look for a high-quality desk with stable construction to prevent collapsing. The most recommended materials are metal and wood instead of plastic. Having an anti-collapse system will be the cherry on top. On average, the standing desk should have 150 pounds weight-bearing capacity at a minimum.

Working Space

As you know, the average size of a computer monitor is 19-34 inches (corner to corner). Besides the monitor, you will place a keyboard, mouse, and other accessories that will consume space. You can check out our detailed guide on how to keep your accessories organized here.

It will help if you measure the top panel size to ensure you get a manageable working experience. The minimum length should be 20-25 inches wide and 20-30 inches wide.

Noiseless Transition

Won’t it be irritating if the desk makes a cracking sound every time you raise or lower the height? It would help if you took care of your actions while working in an office to avoid disturbing the peaceful working environment.

Noisy transition is a common issue with standing desks, mostly with electric models. Ensure the desk features quiet motors for a noiseless transition. The maximum loudness should be 40-60 dB.

Material and Construction

When choosing a standing desk, it’s essential to consider the material and construction. Look for a desk with high-quality materials, such as steel or solid wood. We have a complete guide on best wood for a desk top here.

The structure should also be sturdy and durable, so the desk can handle the weight of your equipment and remain stable when you’re working.

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Personal Verdict – Best Standing Desks for a Tall Person

Check out more on best standing desks for tall person here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How high should a standing desk be for a tall person?

A standing desk should be between 44 and 50 inches high for a tall person. However, it’s essential to consider individual preferences and posture when selecting the height.

Are 32 inches too tall for a desk?

A 32-inch desk may be too tall for some users, especially those with a shorter stature. It’s essential to consider the individual height and the desk’s adjustability.

What is the appropriate height for a desk if someone is 5 ft 7 inches?

If you happen to be 5 feet and 7 inches tall while wearing shoes, the recommended height for your standing desk would range between 40.5 to 43.5 inches tall.

Is it safe to stand too long at a standing desk?

Standing too long can lead to fatigue and strain your feet, legs, and lower back. It’s best to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day to avoid prolonged standing.


Finding the best standing desks for a tall person can make a huge difference for those frequently spending time in front of their computers. 

When choosing the best option, it’s essential to consider factors such as desk height, weight capacity, and adjustability. Doing so will ensure you can work comfortably for long periods without any unnecessary strain on your body.

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